Horseback rides and autumn vibes on our farm


One of our autumn highlights is our horses. Going for a ride is a very special experience during a stay in our Hotel Oberschwarzach. Horseback rides are the best in the morning hours, when white frost covers the meadows, a little fog covers the grounds and the air is mild and cool.


You can almost feel the nature transforming, see the changing colours, while discovering the paths of the "Salzburger Land". Also our horses love the autumn. No more summer heat and cooler temperatures mean less sweating for them. They want to be looked after all year round which means, that we always have something to do. You are more than welcome to help with the duties like grooming, feeding and saddling our horses. This way they get to know and trust you.


Furthermore it is very important to know that horseback riding is not only fun but also work. In order to keep our horses happy they need to be looked after. Regular cleaning and brushing are only some of the tasks.



If you would like to go for a ride in autumn you have to wear proper clothing. Even though the weather is mostly settled, from time to time it can also get wet and cold. We recommend wearing sturdy shoes, layered clothing and a warm head covering. For horseback rides in the mornings you will also need gloves. Bright coloured clothing is always a good choice when the days get shorter. The sun is low and makes seeing things between the hills and trees more difficult. Whether you are going hiking, biking or riding - if you plan on being outside in the nature in autumn, you should always be well prepared and well equipped.


But no need to worry, we will help you with all your questions regarding horseback riding, the best riding paths,  equipment and safety measures.



The life of our farm animals


Before the first frost reaches us, we guide our animals from the mountains back to our stable. This return of livestock from high alpine summer pastures is called "Almabtrieb"  and is a festivity in all of Austria. The cows are being decorated with flowers and everyone celebrates the "coming home" of the animals. After spending a summer on the lush meadows in the mountains, they will now return back to the homey stable. There are various festivities to celebrate this occasion. For example on the "Gerstreitalm",  30 minutes from Hinterglemm.




Back on our farm, the cows are being brought to their stables and being fed. Then the children can get to know them first hand. Goats and bunnies are also being prepared for the winter: we check their enclosures and repair these if necessary. Stroking and feeding are always welcome. Our little guests are allowed to stroke the animals and give them a lot of attention.